The Adrian Paul website has always been an information zone for fans and business people alike. With the advent of new forums it has been decided that AP.net will now concentrate on the business aspects of Adrian's life.

With that in mind, sections such as the "Ask Adrian section" will move over to Facebook with immediate effect. Any questions to Adrian can be sent to facebook@adrianpaul.net and once Adrian has answered them they will be released on Adrian's official Facebook page.....


Ask Adrian moves to facebook


A short interview with an Italian journalist whilst in Sardinia considering locations for the forthcoming "Basile's Legacy" CLICK HERE to read the interview.

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Filming in Bulgaria

Adrian has just returned from Bulgaria where he took advantage of business opportunities to spend a few days working on a small independent film in which he plays Jack Unger, the head of the Government Investment Unit (GIU) responsible to the president of the USA on matters of national security.

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Ask Adrian returns

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PEACE needs your help
Christmas message 2009
message to fans

Recently we have been made aware of a set of photographs of Adrian that were released on a website. Although we try to bring you the first information on any new project Adrian maybe be part of, there are times when material is unexpectedly released on the internet and therefore we have no control over it.

Much like the piracy of a film, photographs turn up in unexpected places, sometimes material is taken from one site and placed onto another or movies are released illegally as a torrent download, all of which can cause a lot of work and planning to be wasted.

Please be aware that any material that appears on any other website without first appearing on adrianpaul.net or in the way of merchandising/giveaways/or in magazines is most likely material that was not intended to be released and so would in no way be sanctioned by Adrian Paul or his  management team.

Adrian and Budino


We are delighted to be able to launch 'Adrian's Baby Blog'.

The intention is to give Adrian the opportunity to jot down his thoughts and feelings as each new day brings fresh challenges before, during and after the arrival!

The blog is very much a diary as opposed to an 'interactive' blog as the forum is there for discussion,

for the first entry

It's going to be a girl! Baby gifts Baby gifts
Whilst Adrian & Alexandra have received so many lovely messages of congratulations on their forthcoming arrival which,
in itself, is gift enough, they have also received many messages with regards to the giving of gifts.

They have decided to give fans access to their baby gift registries, that contain lists of goodies of all shapes, sizes and price ranges, that they or baby might need.

If you would like to consider giving a gift, click on either of the two links below and select the GIFT REGISTRY. You will be prompted to enter a password which is the name of the proud ‘mum to be’ Alexandra Tonelli.


And when you've had a look, why not pop over to the FORUM and keep up to date with all the chat!

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Adrian Paul in Cannes and Monaco
. The adrianpaul.net message board
Raising money for PEACE is a popular topic on Adrian's forum and on this occasion an idea, plus a significant amount of determination and team effort, resulted in over $5,300 being raised. Adrian has issued a special message of thanks to forum members as in his words "they have raised a significant amount of money with an idea that encompasses everything the Peace fund stands for". This donation will make a significant difference to one of The PEACE Fund's recipients.

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Moments in film competition results