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Old 03-12-2010, 01:52 AM
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Post Re: Hannah Lee

I also have just strait Asthma without allergic problems involved that alone have caused me to call 911 and have resulted in being admitted to the hospital. I have tried to do allergy shots when I was 16, I would get an Asthma attack 30 min after getting a shot so that was out. I've developed over the years of having Asthma, allergies to antibiotics and Asthma patients should not take aspirin and Ibu profen because these meds alone can cause attacks. Asthma can cause changes in lungs depending on how severe a person has the disease. Now just being Irish coolwater, I don't think is a factor, it's more your family genes, and sometimes airway problems can skip a generation. As I stated before about Asthma, the heart rate increases as the attack worsens because a person is working so hard to breathe. The adrinalin races through your body, also breathing meds like abuteral will increase the pulse to a point where I can hear my heart beat in my ears! Appeace and coolwater, all Asthma is the same in that the airways are constricted causing the wheezing sound you hear, but each person will have different triggers and ways their Asthma is unique to them. Always remember the most important thing to do is to stay as calm as possible and not to panic. The best thing you can do is have a doctor that works with you and is knowledgeable about Asthma, airways, and also important your heart. Cardiac function is just as important to an Asthmatic as pulmonary. When I was in Colorado I went to National Jewish Hospital to see Dr. Langmack for 11 years. I miss that relationship because she knew me inside and out. It is the leading Pulmonary and Cardiac Hospital in the US. If you have any major questions regarding Asthma either call their lung line or go online: - National Jewish Medical and Research Center. They have saved my life so many times I can't count. My doctor now is very good and works with me on all my health related issues. Weight is also a factor, I have lost 38lbs since Sep of last year and this makes my breathing easier and puts less work on my heart during an attack. I am doing well right now and getting stronger each day. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes for me.

I want to update all of you on Hannah Lee. She is doing well, improving daily on her rehab, but still having trouble with her speech from the accident. Her mother however is in the hospital with cancer, she is responding now to the chemotherapy(she wasn't before) so I hope she beats this. This family has had enough happen to them so I pray to God that her mother beats this.

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