In January, Adrian was invited to view a demonstration by world champion martial artists in various styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. Members of the Hungarian Shaolin Temple, the largest Shaolin compound in Europe, performed hand and sword forms that were watched
by Adrian and his girlfriend Alexandra.



Adrian and Alexandra with Sifu Robert Lyons and Biro Ica.

Also present were the founder of the temple, Sifu Robert Lyons; Bíró Ica, a Hungarian fitness guru in her own right; and Master Serflek József, who was part of the 2000 World Champion Hungarian Shaolin Kung Fu team.

Adrian in Hungary

Before leaving Los Angeles, Adrian had started conditioning in Shaolin Kung Fu, a rigid physical martial arts regime, in preparation to learn the Shaolin Temple martial arts forms.

Since he travels to Hungary a lot, word got out
of his interest in Shaolin Kung Fu, so this demonstration was put on to show him the Hungarian Shaolin methods of teaching. Just after the demonstration, Serflek József joked, saying it looked as it was his destiny to teach the Highlander, since he had also recently taught Christopher Lambert for some action in a film
shot in Hungary.

As you can see, afterwards Adrian worked a few of the techniques associated with the style. He later went on to practice at the temple every day until his departure from Hungary, saying that he really enjoyed the discipline.

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